Sprites 2

More 32x32 Sprites


Six sequential two-sprite bitmaps make an explosion. In conjunction with an uncontrolled car, this makes:

Pole Position 32x32 Explosion Animation

In the actual game, a number of car parts also project from the explosion.


Similar to the cars, clever use of palette permutations allows sequences of sprites to contain different details. These three marquees are all composed from the same six sprites, but with different palette permutations.

Pole Position Start Marquee Pole Position Namco Marquee Pole Position Goal Marquee

The starting light under the marquee is a two-sprite bitmap with (again), a palette permutation for each of the five light conditions:

Pole Position Starting Light Animation

Picture Signs

A 3x2 grid of sprites form the picture signs passed during the game. Again, palette permutations allow two different signs to be represented by the same bitmap. Here are sprites 52 to 57 with palette permutations 24 and 25.

Pole Position S.E.V. Marchal Pole Position Marlboro

A total of six such advertizing signs are present, three bitmaps with two palette permutations. Another sign contains the turn warnings.

Pole Position Agip Pole Position Pepsi

Pole Position Champion Pole Position Martini

Pole Position Turn Left Pole Position Turn Right

Text Signs

A single 4-sprite wide bitmap provides a text sign, with two different palette permutations.

Pole Position Canon Sign Pole Position Namco Sign

Flag Girl

A somewhat more obscure set of sixteen sprites make an animated flag girl.

Pole Position Flag Girl Animation

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